EM X Light

EM X Light is a powerful, strong, and coragous character that has human like characteristics and special abilites unlike other reploids.


Character: EM X Light

Full name: Elizabeth-Marie X Light

Nick-Name: Liz

Race: reploid

Gender: N/A / Female

Age acording to her attitude and abilities: 14

Height: 5’5

Normal eye color: Hazel

Maverick eye color: Red

Normal power jewel color: Blue

Maverick power jewel color: Red

Hair color(s): Silver and blond

Normal power level: 5,000 (Normal for most reploids)

Agresive power level: 7,000

Maverick power level: 13,000

Basic weapons



Special hand grenades

Throwing knifes(kunai)

Throwing stars

Boe staff


Two (2) hand guns

Black EM X Device

Special abilities

Teliportation to a certain range

Invisibility for a short period of time

Karate and martial arts fighting data base

Special attacks

Fire star

Tornado strike

Haniki flame


Kama strike



Earth strike

Thunder storm

Electric fire


Allies: zero, X, Signas, Alia, Douglas, Axl, Dr.Cain, Layer, Pallette.

Foes: Sigma, Lumine, Vile, Gate, Mavericks.

Allies in second part of story: (All the first ones included.) Link, Zelda, Groose, Fi.

Foes in second part of story: (All the first ones included as well.) Ghiraham, Demise.

Loved ones: X, Link.

Interests: Fire attacks, Water attacks, Darkness, Legends, Swords, Weapons, Missions, Crusades-/-Battles, training, electricity, computer designs, designing things.

Dislikes: Almost everything..

Personality: EM X’s personality is really based off of her creator. She doesn’t mind being made fun of when it’s really nothing, but when it gets personal, she easily gets really offended. She likes to kid around sometimes when she doesn’t have to be training and in a battle. She often has a serious attitude, but not 24/7. She tends to be quiet and sort of keeps to herself often. When she is offended, she always wants to fight with that person. She is always up for a fight and most often will never back down. When she is in her maverick form, her attitude isn’t that much of a difference. When in her maverick form, she tries to destroy everyone and everything in her sight without hesitation. Her attitude is very unique compared to Zero’s and X’s.

(Her story is very, very, VERY long so I will do that when I have more time.)

Story: EM X, who was created by 2 different people, is both evil and good. Her designs were based of X’s who was built by Dr.Light, but she was built by Dr.Wily. Dr.Wily installed different software and programs to her and gave her different abilities. The most dangerous device that Dr.Wily implanted in her was the Dark EM X Device. The Dark EM X devise is a devise that makes EM X go maverick once it goes off. When it does go off, she is the most deadliest weapon ever created.
Once Dr.Whily finished building her, he then stored her into a time capsule as well as Zero, another robot that he had designed.
Over many years of being stored in the time capsule, EM X and Zero were both found in separate places. Zero was found in a cave, but EM X wasn’t. EM X was found in a abandon lab near the coast of the ocean. The lab was underwater about 100 feet , covered in seaweed and rocks. Part of the lab had been partly destroyed by something unknown.
When X was out on a mission fighting against a maverick out at sea, he found the abandon lab once he had destroyed the maverick. Once X found the lab, he managed to go inside it by plying open the door. Once X was inside, he explored the lab a little and managed to find EM X still in the time capsule. X then saved the destination in his memory base and went back the the Maverick Hunter HQ to suggest that Commander Signas to retrieve all that was in the lab to study. X also informed Commander Signas about the reploid that he had found in the lab.
After X had recommended it to Commander Signas, he send troops to go a receive all that was in the lab, including EM X. Once all was cleared out of the lab, everything was studied. EM X was then taken to Dr.Cain to be taken out of the time capsule and to be studied. Once EM X was taken out of the capsule, she was temperately shut down so that she wouldn’t cause any harm. Dr.Cain started studying EM X as soon as she was shut down.
Over about two (2) months of being studied, Dr.Cain found fascinating things about EM X. Dr.Cain found that there were many weapons and abilities that EM X had access to. Dr.Cain was also astonished about her power level and her data bass storage. Dr.Cain was only confused about one (1) thing about her; the unknown devise that was implanted in her. This devise was the Dark Em X devise. The only way that Dr.Cain was going to be able to study this devise was by taking it out of her, but that would cause her to be permanently shut down. (Meaning, she would be dead..) Dr. Cain didn’t wish to shut her down permanently, so he turned her back on and kept her in the lab under extreme super vision to be sure she wouldn’t cause any harm.
During this time she was being under extreme super vision, she was confused about were she was and what was going on. Dr.Cain noticed that after a while that she was being under super vision, that she wasn’t harmful at all. She was interested of getting out of the room she being held in, but other than that, she didn’t do much in the room, nor show any expression or signals that she was dangerous, even with her extreme power levels and weapons she had.
After many months of being under super vision, Dr. Cain gradually let her get out of her room and wonder about in the lab with still some super vision. EM X wondered about in the lab, studying all the machines and devises that were in the lab. Even after several months of letting her be free in the lab, she didn’t show any sign of being dangerous. He did find it very interesting that she was so very interested in the machines in the lab. He also found it interesting that whenever the large, wall-sized window was in her view, that he saw her staring out of it at the city. He new that every time she saw the city, she wanted to get out and explore it.
After about another month of being under super vision, he very gradually let her go out into the city with still some super vision.
As soon as EM X was first let out into the city, she was very exited and ran off to explore the city. The fist place she ran into was the Maverick Hunter HQ, were specialized reploids, much like herself, were all on a team to defeat the Maverick, the reploids that had went insane by a deadly Virus and are attacking the humans.
EM X was curious about what this building was, but there wasn’t a way to get in without being a Maverick Hunter. But, EM X was aware that she had a teliportation device in her because Dr. Cain had told her about all of her abilities, but said not to use them in till she has known how to use them correctly.
EM X had practised using her teliportation before, but she hasn’t perfected it yet. EM X then used her teliportation devise to teliport into the Maverick Hunter HQ, but teliported into X’s dorm room by accident, hoping to get into the hallway. EM X was confused about were she even was, and so was X who was in his dorm a little ways behind her. X was also a little shock, not really expecting a random reploid to show up in his dorm. But X found that she looked familiar, and then knew that she was the unknown reploid that he had found in the abandon lab. X then said,“H-hey, aren’t you the unknown reploid I found in the lab?..”
EM X was started by his soft voice, not knowing that he was behind him. EM X didn’t know much to say, thinking that she was going to get caught and be taken back to Dr.Cains lab and become isolated again. She felt a horrible chill rush through her, feeling very nervous. She replied skittishly that she was the reploid that he had apparently found in the abandon lab, but she quickly said to him in a begging sort of tone that she didn’t want to get caught and get sent back into Dr.Cains lab. X was a little confused about what she meant, but he understood at least most of it and said that he wasn’t going to return her back to Dr.Cain. EM X was greatly relieved that he wasn’t going to, but still a little afraid of what might happen. X then walked a bit closer to EM X while beginning to ask her question. He asked her why she got in here in the first place, since he was a little curious. EM X slowly replied to him, saying that she knew that the building was only for the maverick hunters, and she was interested in them. She found herself a little ashamed of this doing though. She replied in a ashamed tone of voice, that she was sorry about coming in without permission. (will continue tomorrow hopefully…)

EM X Light

EM X Light EMXLight EMXLight